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Ziton ZP3
International Training Academy

Ziton ZP3 Online 'Live' Training

Ziton ZP3 International
Training Academy

The best thing about our ONLINE training is that it doesn’t matter where in the WORLD you are, you can now be Ziton ZP3 trained!


We have carried out training for Ziton ZP3 panels for over 15 years.


Our ONLINE Ziton ZP3 training is a comprehensive training day for the panel and software that can be done from the convenience of your office or homes.


The training is designed for the servicing and maintenance as well as small works on Ziton ZP3 panels

Meet your Trainer

Trainer at Ziton ZP3 International Training Academy

Mark Barber

With over 20 years experience working on Ziton ZP3 panels, I have trained hundreds of engineers from all over the world.

I have worked on every aspect of Ziton ZP3 systems, from design, servicing, fault finding, programming and commissioning.

I know how these panels work in the real world and use my wealth of experience to equip engineers with practical skills to maintain and carry out works on Ziton ZP3 systems.

It was a pleasure to deal with Mark the training advisor from Fire4u. Who was able to accomodate two of my engineers onto the ZP3 remote training session in such short notice. I was most relieved the following day when my engineers with very little previous experience on the ZP3 panel installed and commissioned our demo panel in our office and demonstrated a healthy working system to me.

Steve Matthews

What the Ziton ZP3 1 day training covers:

* understanding the layout of the panel

* modifying time and date

* disable/enabling

* understanding the sounder mapping

* sounder testing

* understanding I/O mapping (cause & effect)

* understanding device analogue readings

* adding/ removing devices from the system

* zoning devices

* adding & modifying ZX832 multisensors

* panel configuration

* connecting to a laptop to achieve download/upload

* working on the Ziton ZP3 Planner Software

* understanding the I/O mapping on Planner software

* downloading reports

Ziton ZP3 Panel : Ziton ZP3 International Training Academy

Book in 2 Engineers or more and another can join for FREE

Why choose us?


We fully understand that there are other companies who claim that they can carry out the Ziton ZP3 training, but with the cost involved do you really want to gamble on their expertise? At Fire4u we have had over 25 years experience on ZP3 panels and have been carrying out training on them for over 10 years. Our training programs are fully recognised by Carrier Ziton and have also carried out training on their behalf for their own clients.

want to chat?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the Ziton ZP3 online training further, click the button below to schedule in a free 15 minute chat on the phone

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